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About Us

We are so glad that you've discovered us! Here at The Borrowed Collection, it's the joy of marrying one's true love that inspires us. The walk down the aisle to your one and only is an unforgettable moment and we've carefully curated our rental collection with that in mind.

From our founder, Elise:

The concept for The Borrowed Collection began in a movie theater in 2008 (well before I launched the company in 2014!) As I sat and watched the vivacious Louise from St. Louis introduce Carrie to the 'Netflix of handbags', Bag Borrow or Steal, I had my "aha" moment. If designer handbags could be rented, why not designer jewelry? Even better, why not designer wedding jewelry?!

I had been working in the bridal industry at the time, at a beautiful high-end boutique where brides often spent hundreds, sometimes thousands, on their bridal accessories. But for every bride who did purchase, there were others who just couldn't justify the expense and I found that I could completely relate with them. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely appreciate the beauty of these pieces and know that there are brides who will purchase and cherish their wedding accessories for years to follow.

But, if you're like me, you might not be one of those brides. Instead, you absolutely want an unforgettable look for your wedding day, but practically speaking, you also know that look won't fit in with your day to day life and that your bridal accessories will likely end up relegated to a drawer.

If the above speaks to you, you are the bride that I created The Borrowed Collection for. You love fashion and style, but appreciate that renting empowers you to either save or choose to spend a bit more on good food and drink for your wedding (or maybe upgrade your honeymoon!), instead of splurging on your accessories.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and if you have any questions or simply want to say hello, feel free to click "Ask a Stylist" at the bottom of any page to start a Live Chat. To our Vancouver brides, we would love to style you in person at our showroom, which you can book here.

Finally, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Engagements are such an exciting time and we are honored to be even a small part of the journey.

Elise McClain

How it Works

shop online or visit the Vancouver showroom to select your bridal look. Click here to request a consultation  pick up your order from our Vancouver showroom on Thursdays. Not in Vancouver? Nationwide shipping available wear your items, tie the knot, be unforgettable, be you. share the look with hashtag borrowedcobride return your items to the showroom by 4pm the following monday. Shipping? Use the provided pre-paid envelope to return to Canada Post

Vancouver brides are invited to meet with a stylist at our Vancouver showroom! Request your personal consultation here.


Questions about How it Works? Here are answers to some of our most common inquiries:

Reserve FAQ's:

Q. Do I need an appointment to visit the showroom?

A. Our showroom is by appointment only. You can book your consultation here.

Q. Is the entire collection on the website?

A. We try to keep the website as up to date as possible, but there are typically 6-12 new items not on the site at any given time.

Q. My wedding is on a weekday, can I still rent items?

A. We can accommodate weekday weddings in Vancouver. Contact us to inquire!

Q. I'm having a destination wedding, can I still rent items?

A. We offer extended rentals year-round. Extended rentals from May 1 - October 31st will be subject to our extended rental rate of 1.5x. Contact us for details.


Pick Up FAQ's:

Q. My wedding is on a Friday, can I pick up before Thursday?

A. We are happy to accommodate other pick up days when possible. Feel free to discuss this at your consultation.

Q. I can't make it to pick up that day; can someone else pick up for me?

A. Definitely! It is best to let us know that someone else will be coming and they will need to give your name in order to pick up.


Return FAQ's:

Q. We are leaving on our honeymoon before Monday, can someone else return for me?

A. Of course! Just be sure to let them know of the 4pm return deadline, as late returns are subject to a fee.

Q. My wedding is on a long weekend, are the returns still on Monday?

A. We've got you covered. Returns are on Tuesday for all long weekends, where Monday is the civic holiday.

Q. Our wedding is out of town and we won't be back until Tuesday, can I return then?

A. We try to accommodate the extra day whenever possible, but it must be arranged beforehand, in order to maintain our rental schedule.