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Veil Rental FAQ's

Caring for Your Rental Veil

We encourage brides to keep in mind that they will need to be slightly more cautious when wearing a rented veil. While veils are more resilient than you might think, there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that the veil is not damaged.

Transporting Your Veil

If we will be shipping the veil to you, we wrap in safely in tissue paper and a large enough box to ensure that it will not be crumpled. Should there be a wrinkle or two, you can 1) use a steamer, by hanging the veil and placing a white towel behind it to keep the steam focused on the veil while you steam it  2) iron the veil on a low setting (the setting for silk works well). Place the veil over a white towel and move the iron continuously to avoid leaving the iron on one spot. 3) inquire whether your bridal salon, alterations person, or dry-cleaner accept out of store items for pressing.  We've tested all three of these methods and you will know which one you would be most comfortable with!

Replacement Values

We know that veils are more delicate than some of our other rental items! With this in mind, we've established replacement values for each veil, which will allow us to avoid charging the retail price if a veil is damaged. In order to make this possible, you may notice that the veil rental rates are slightly higher than our other items, but this allows us to avoid charging someone $1000+ if a veil is ruined.

Veil Replacement Value
Amara Fingertip Lace Veil $225 $750
Analina Waltz Mantilla Veil $300 $690
Cassia Chantilly Lace Fingertip Veil $300 $600
Delicate Chantilly Lace Veil $120 $375
Delphine Circular Chapel Veil $110 $240
Delphine Circular Fingertip Veil $90 $200
Flora Fingertip Lace Veil $160 $480
Leila Ribbon Veil $110 $200
Lily Chapel Veil $120 $240
Lily Fingertip Veil $80 $180
Lily Waltz Veil $90 $200
Magnolia Chapel Veil $250 $1,100
Magnolia Fingertip Veil $200 $680
Peony Lace Fingertip Veil $200 $480
Symphony Double Layer Veil $90 $180
Whispering Roses Veil $400 $1200
How it Works

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Questions about How it Works? Here are answers to some of our most common inquiries:

Reserve FAQ's:

Q. Do I need an appointment to visit the showroom?

A. Our showroom is by appointment only. You can book your consultation here.

Q. Is the entire collection on the website?

A. We try to keep the website as up to date as possible, but there are typically 6-12 new items not on the site at any given time.

Q. My wedding is on a weekday, can I still rent items?

A. We can accommodate weekday weddings in Vancouver. Contact us to inquire!

Q. I'm having a destination wedding, can I still rent items?

A. We offer extended rentals year-round. Extended rentals from May 1 - October 31st will be subject to our extended rental rate of 1.5x. Contact us for details.


Pick Up FAQ's:

Q. My wedding is on a Friday, can I pick up before Thursday?

A. We are happy to accommodate other pick up days when possible. Feel free to discuss this at your consultation.

Q. I can't make it to pick up that day; can someone else pick up for me?

A. Definitely! It is best to let us know that someone else will be coming and they will need to give your name in order to pick up.


Return FAQ's:

Q. We are leaving on our honeymoon before Monday, can someone else return for me?

A. Of course! Just be sure to let them know of the 4pm return deadline, as late returns are subject to a fee.

Q. My wedding is on a long weekend, are the returns still on Monday?

A. We've got you covered. Returns are on Tuesday for all long weekends, where Monday is the civic holiday.

Q. Our wedding is out of town and we won't be back until Tuesday, can I return then?

A. We try to accommodate the extra day whenever possible, but it must be arranged beforehand, in order to maintain our rental schedule.