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Our 5 Most Asked Questions

Wedding Specific Questions (special dates, locations, etc.)

Ordering Guidelines (damage deposit form, late fees, lost or stolen items)


Product Availability


Our 5 Most Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship to the US?

A. At this time, only items in our inventory sale are available to US brides. You can shop those items here. Please contact us for shipping and further order details.

Q. How far in advance can I reserve products?

A. We guarantee our reservations up to 18 months in advance. We have set this timeline because our inventory is subject to change over time and we want to ensure that your jewelry will be available.

Q. How does renting bridal jewelry work?

A. We've tried to make the process as easy as possible! Reserve with a consultation or shop online, pick-up your order the week of your wedding, return your order the following Monday; we've summed up the process on our "How it Works" page. You will also find answers to more How it Works FAQ's, there as well.

Q. How many days is my rental for?

A. Vancouver rentals are typically Thursday - Monday, but extended rentals can be accommodated. If we are shipping to you: your order will ship the week of your wedding (on the Tuesday) with either Wednesday (overnight) or Thursday (Xpresspost) delivery, depending on the service that you choose. Return shipping is always on us!

Q. Do you have a store?

A. Our Vancouver Showroom is located in Gastown and we love to show brides the collection in person! We are by appointment only, and so be sure to request your consultation here.

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Wedding Specific Questions (special dates, locations, etc.)

Q. My wedding is on a long weekend and I cannot return my products on the Monday as required.

A. On weekends that a holiday Monday occurs, orders will be due back by Tuesday at 4PM.

Q. My wedding is on a weekday. Can I still place an order?

A. Absolutely, for our Vancouver brides, and for our out of town brides, we would be happy to see what we can arrange! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Q. Can I place an order if I am having my wedding outside of Canada?

A. Provided products can be returned without shipping from another country, we welcome orders from destination brides! If you will not be able to return the products within the 4-5 day timeline, extended rentals are available at 1.5x the rental rate. We suggest that you travel with your jewelry in your carry on luggage to avoid the possibility of lost luggage. Please contact us for details.

Q. I have a wedding outside of Canada. Can I ship my order back from another country?

A. Due to customs and brokerage restrictions, orders must never be returned via mail outside of the country.

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Ordering Guidelines (damage deposit form, late fees, lost or stolen items)

Q. Will there be money held on my credit card during my rental period?

A. No amount is held on your credit card while products are in your possession, but a credit card is kept on file in the form of our Damage Deposit Form.

Q. What is the Damage Deposit Form?

A. The Damage Deposit Form is a credit card authorization form that allows us to charge for lost/stolen, damaged, or late orders. Full details can be found in our Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions.

Q. When do I complete the Damage Deposit Form?

A. Vancouver brides complete the damage deposit form in person when reserving their items. All online customers are required to complete the Damage Deposit Form within 30 days of their shipping date. You will be sent a secure link to the form and must complete it in order to have your order shipped to you. If you do not complete the Damage Deposit Form, your order will not ship to you and will be considered fulfilled.

Q. What if my jewelry loses a crystal?

A. Your order will be carefully inspected prior to pick-up or shipping, but costume jewelry can lose crystals from time to time. Should a crystal fall out while your are wearing your item, you will not be charged to replace it. We encourage you to continue to wear your piece (since it is unlikely that anyone will notice one missing crystal!), and will cover the cost to repair the jewelry once it is returned to us.

Q. What if my item(s) arrives broken in the mail?

A. Your order will be carefully inspected prior to delivery and packaged with the utmost of care. Should an item become damaged in the mail, you are required to contact us within 2 hours of accepting the package. We will expedite an alternate item overnight whenever possible. If necessary, we will authorize the purchase of a new item of your choice in your location and add it to our collection after your wedding day. Do not wait to contact us! After two hours, we cannot verify that the item was not damaged while in your possession and you will be charged to fix it.

Q. What if I do not make it to the showroom or post office by the correct time on the specified date?

A. Please remember that other brides are expecting these items on their wedding day and that your failure to return an item on time will affect others. Late charges will apply for all late orders (see late fee details below).

Q. What are the late fee charges?

A. 50% of the rental fee after failing to return your order by the specified time on the required date and 100% of the rental fee after 5 days. After 7 days, items are considered lost/stolen and up to 200% of the retail value may be charged.

Q. What is the re-stocking fee?

A. This fee was added due to the improper way some products were being returned to us. Sorry, no paper towel allowed! We ask that you always return your products in the packaging provided to you. Each piece is carefully packaged in its own container to avoid damage. Failure to return your products in their respective packaging will result in a $40 re-stocking fee.

Q. What if I lose my item?

A. We really, really want items to come back to us! To discourage brides from keeping a piece that they like, items that are not returned are subject to Liquidated Damages and we reserve the right to charge up to 200% of the retail value of the product. Please note that 200% will only be charged in extreme circumstances. Most of the time, we will simply ask that you pay to replace a lost item. For instance: if you lose an earring, you will only be charged 100% of the retail value, provided you return the other earring to us.

Q. What if I like my item? Can I pay to keep it?

A. All items MUST be returned. Your items are more than likely reserved by other brides and failing to return your item would jeopardize our ability to satisfy orders.

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Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. You can view our shipping rates here.

Q. How do I know if overnight shipping is available?

A. Overnight shipping is available in the following provinces: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC, & SK. Delivery limitations may apply outside of major city centres.

Q. Can I ship my order to a PO box?

A. Whenever possible, we suggest shipping your parcel to an address where someone is home during the day to accept the parcel. If we are shipping to a PO box, be sure to check your post office's hours, to ensure that you can pick up the item. If you are unable to retrieve your parcel from a PO box prior to the weekend, the order will be considered fulfilled.

Q. Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?

A. Yes, you may ship to an alternate address, including a hotel if your wedding is in another city. If you select a shipping address outside of your billing address city, we will contact you after your order is placed to confirm the shipping details.

Q. How will my order ship to me?

A. All orders will ship via Canada Post. Depending on the speed of shipping chosen, orders will be sent via Priority Post Overnight (Wednesday) or XpressPost 2-3 Day (Thursday). Delivery limitations may apply outside of major city centres. See the answers below for further details.

Q. If I choose to ship via XpressPost, how quickly will my order arrive?

A. If XpressPost is selected, 2-day service will be provided whenever possible and 3-day service is always guaranteed. Orders will arrive within 2 business days to most Canadian cities and towns. 3-day service may be the only option in smaller centres.

Q. If I choose to ship via Priority Post, how quickly will my order arrive?

A. Priority Post orders will arrive overnight to all major city centres. Shipping limitations may apply outside of major city centres (see below).

Q. Are there limitations to overnight shipping?

A. Overnight shipping may not be possible outside of major Canadian city centres. If you select overnight shipping and it is unavailable in your area, you will be notified within 24 hours and refunded the shipping difference.

Q. How do I return my shipped order?

A. A pre-paid envelope or shipping label will be included in your order. Simply re-package your products exactly as they arrived (to prevent damage during shipping), place them in the shipping envelope or box, and deliver them to your nearest post office by 12PM on the Monday after your wedding.

Q. Can my order be shipped outside of Canada?

A. Due to customs and brokerage restrictions, parcels cannot at any time be shipped across the border.

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Product Availability

Q. How often do you get new items?

A. Our buyers add to the collection twice a year, in the spring and fall. We tend to have a few more items available in person than on the website at any given time.

Q. If a product is unavailable on the website is there any way to request it?

A. Yes! Due to the size of our beautiful country, shipping and availability can be very complex. Our system does its best to ensure that products listed as available on our website are 100% available. With manual changes to shipping timelines or pick-up in Vancouver, availability increases. Please use the chat window below or contact us today regarding the items that you love!

Q. What happens if someone before me doesn't return the piece that I have reserved?

A. This is a great question! While we hope that all brides are conscientious of the fact that other brides are depending on our service, from time to time an item may be lost, stolen, or damaged. Our commitment to you is that you will have something you love on your wedding day. Whether it's expediting a replacement piece or allowing you to buy a new item that you love, and adding it to our collection afterwards, we will do everything in our power to make it right. You are also able to request a refund at any time if an item becomes unavailable.

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